Post 27 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ has a name!!

Last night I was meant to be relaxing but I cannot seem to settle. I am like a cat jigging about on a hot tin roof……waiting for Karen to finish my book. Karen and I have agreed a deadline and I am trying to switch off from thinking about it but I cannot help it.

I do not want or wish to put Karen under any stress; I know she is finding it hard to edit the book. It has changed direction a few times since we set out to write it!

Karen texted me yesterday to tell me she was in tears yet again. Sorry Karen :O)

Anyway last night Children In Need was on and this bought the book right into the fore again…….like numerous times before I started to think about what I was going to call the book. I spent hours thinking of names and typing them into facebook to get feedback on them…….I was coming up with some good titles but none of them ‘fitted’ the true essence of the book. I was face booking chatting with my siblings, Fit Pro friends and friends of the family.

My sister Zaina texted me ‘Through the eyes of a child’……!  perfect fits the true essence of the book

My story ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ is just that….my story as I experienced it as a child and getting over it, making sense of it all as an adult. This book was not about naming and shaming or revenge or making anyone’s life difficult. It was about me telling people that no matter what has happened to them, they can make changes, they can be successful and have a happier future.

This book is about getting all my thoughts and feelings out there and healing myself, giving myself a voice to be heard. Showing others that they can do the same if they wish. It has bought my siblings and I closer; we understand more about each other now there are no more secrets or shame.

I feel like an inner peace has descended on me and I do not feel like I have to ‘run’ any more and pretend to be someone else. I stand still, stand tall and proud.

Thank you Zaina :O) x







2 Responses to Post 27 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ has a name!!

  1. Alison Winyard says:

    You have now found the light at the end of the tunnel. Well Done for all your courage! xxxx
    Peace be with you and all your siblings.
    Much Love Ali xx

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