About Chris Tuck – Introduction to ‘My Story’ Blog

Hi there and welcome to Chris Tuck ‘My Story’……….this is not going to be the title of my forthcoming autobiography but I need to call it something at this stage. Perhaps you can help me come up with a fitting title? :O)

This is a blog about what I am going through emotionally and physically as I put ‘My Story’ together.

This blog is going to be true to me and I am hoping that it will inspire someone out there in the big wide world to change their life for the better.

I have worked with and listened to many inspiring every day people and highly regarded well known people and they have all helped me in their own small way with ‘My Story’.

I will talk about these people more as I add to the blog.

So for now welcome to Chris Tuck – ‘My Story’ Blog and I will catch you all later :O)

2 Responses to About Chris Tuck – Introduction to ‘My Story’ Blog

  1. Alison says:

    I will be waiting for the catch up! 🙂 Ali x

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