Self Esteem – Self confidence – Self Belief Part 1 of 3 by “Breaking The Cycle” – With The Survival School; Health for Your Mind & Body

SELF BELIEF –  is having total confidence in one’s self, and the ability to do anything realistic ONCE you are determined and focused. Accomplishment of your goals leads to higher self esteem.

Self Esteem/Self confidence/Self Belief is an acquired skill no-one is born with it.

Let’s look at the analogy of a bank account….

When you open up an account you bank balance is zero; when you are born your self esteem is zero.


To earn money to pay into your bank account you need to undertake some work, you earn some money, you pay it into the bank, your bank balance builds. You are in credit. You are saving for something….security? stability? Getting married? A dream holiday? A mortgage? Your future.

This makes you feel positive, makes you feel good. You want more of this feeling so you continue to do what you have been doing because it is working for you at this moment in time.

Compare this to your self esteem bank account…..YOU NEED TO DO something that makes you feel good, something that is positive, and something that you enjoy.

For example:

  • Taking the dog for a walk,
  • Helping someone with their shopping,
  • Doing something for you…..take up a hobby that you love doing but dropped because of life pressures.


To spend money you take money out of your bank account, your bank balance declines. If you keep withdrawing without paying in, your balance will eventually be zero. If you have an overdraft facility you can spend this but now you OWE money to someone else usually the bank.

If you continue to spend rather than invest you will come to a point where you will not have the means to pay back the interest let alone the original capital you borrowed…..this will start to cause you physical and mental health problems……you will start to worry about the repayments you may suffer from stress, insomnia etc. You may become moody, upset, argumentative with your partner etc.

Compare this to your self esteem bank account…..when your bank account is in credit any negative comments or events will be like water off a duck’s back.

However if you have zero self esteem/self confidence or if it is the red you will find yourself in a vicious circle of negativity and it is hard to get out. How much self-esteem you have dictates how you deal with life’s challenges.

Look out for the next instalment where we will delve deeper and discover what your internal voice is and what it saying to you!

Be True to Yourself

Chris :o)

“Breaking The Cycle” – With The Survival School; Health for Your Mind & Body



Seyi Eyitayo Author of “The Power of Self Belief”

Chris Tuck – “Through The Eyes Of A Child” available soon. Register your interest for a copy of the book @

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