On Behalf of “Breaking The Cycle” – With The Survival School; Health For Your Mind & Body by Diane Ginn

Children who have abusive childhoods invariably take all they have endured experienced and learned into adulthood with them.
Not to abuse others.
That doesn’t really come true that often.
Its called baggage and emotions and feelings are extremely warped and damaged.
Mental health issues
Drug or alcohol abuse are common but most of us are emotionally damaged and believe all we taught to feel about ourselves….stupid dirty scummy etc etc
That becomes your mantra and leaves you wide open…..
You let others use, abuse, disregard, manipulate and deceive you…because you believe this is what you are here for,  that this is your purpose and this is all you deserve.

Is this true though?

No and you know it.

I know it and I’ve always known it.
Its been tucked in my mind for years.
Find it now; it’s not too late, it’s never too late!

Be true to yourself live your life and be happy.

You are not those things, you are an individual who is worthy of  love & nurture!

Be true to yourself,

Chris :O)

“Breaking The Cycle” With The Survival School; Health For Your Mind & Body.


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