Post 28 Chris Tuck My Story – ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’

Yesterday I had two party invites one 50th and one 40th to go to. I was really looking forward to going to spend some time with Hazel and her family. I coached clients until 2pm and then meet my brothers at my nan’s house.

I have not seen my nan since I was a kid…and the last memory of her was not a pleasant one. I remember wanting a cup of tea and my nan shouting at me saying no you cant have one and telling me off. I don’t know why I remember this person my nan (my real dads mum) in a negative light but I did.

Anyway here I find myself 35 years down the line sitting outside my nan’s house with some trepidation…..not really feeling anything just keeping an open mind. I bought my daughter Charley with me in order to keep me calm and not get angry.

My brother Dave had already told me that my nan was a nice funny old lady but I just remember her telling me off and not liking her.

Anyway I went in and she was really pleased to see me…..she said her Xmases had all come at once? I looked at her expecting something else that she wasn’t. I was expecting the stern grumpy lady that I remembered. But she was funny and down to earth not what I was expecting…..this really threw me :O(.

She asked me where had all my hair gone? I used to have frizzy unmanageable hair! She said that she would never of recognised me in the street because I look so different today.

She showed us (Dave, Angela & I) pictures of my dad. One with his hair and beard which we instantly recognised because that is how we last remembered him. One without a beard and his hair short…I would not have recognised him in the street.  He was the spitting image of my grandad (his dad) in this photo.

My brother Dave said omg I look like him in this picture and yes he does! Dave said he often wondered who he looked like and now he knows my dad without a beard and short hair!

It was pretty surreal sitting on my nan’s sofa after 35 years and having a normal conversation about my dad, his sister, my aunt’s cousins etc. My nan was completely oblivious to what my dad, his sister and Vi had put us through. She is aware that things went on but not what went on. Hearing her say my Georgie and my Teresa was surreal. How she knows them and remembers them is not how we remember them!!

I am in a daze still…..I have my child hat on remembering the harm that these adults have caused us and then my adult hat on thinking how can all this appear so normal, as if it didn’t happen. How can other family members not know what went on… can they carry on a relationship with these abusers? It’s so confusing.

From what I saw of my nan on saturday I know I am going to like her. She reminds me of Nan Hallett funny and jovial. I just need to get over my feelings I still hold of her as a child.

After I left my nan’s with Charley I got a phone call from my hubby telling me my son had been robbed of his phone on the train. I had to stop thinking of the past and get on and deal with the hear and now. I have had to do this many times over the last 3-6 months, switch my brain from one emotion to another, from one era to another and I think it is finally catching up with me. I am exhausted.

We contacted the police and the insurance company about my son’s phone and then got ready to go to the party. Even though I had been looking forward to going out I was now exhausted and my hip was starting to play up.

I went to Hazel’s party but started to get stressed with myself, the music was too loud and I could feel my mood sliding. I was getting grumpy all I wanted to do was sleep. The afternoon with my nan was going through me head, I was trying to enjoy myself but I couldn’t. I tried but when 10pm came I admitted defeat and told Hazel I needed to go home….I could not pretend that everything was ok for any longer…..I just needed to lay down and sleep. That is what I did until 8am sunday morning. I then got up went downstairs laid on the sofa and went to sleep again until 11.30am and then I dozed on and off all day.

I had planned to get lots of work done yesterday including this blog but I was not able to. I just felt physically and emotionally tired.

Today I was up at 5.30am and raring to go. I have taught one booty already today, done my banking and now writing this blog. I am spending the day getting ready for KSFL launching on weds and teaching 3 classes tonight :O)

So for now I am back in the driving seat but I am very aware that I am sitting on the edge and need to pace myself over the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Chris x

One Response to Post 28 Chris Tuck My Story – ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’

  1. dave hallett says:

    chris ive just sat and read your blog:
    like i said to come and see nan with a open mind. i could see you was a bit nervious and wary. but what you have to remember nan is 85 yr old lady who lonley and hardly gets out of her hse and would love to see anybody with open arms. also she cant hurt anybody you are not a child anymore and your the adult.when we were kids she did have a booming voice which scared us but deep down she kept at bay by two people who were scum great liars and one of them was her son (our dad). he lets rot in a child prison with beatings hunger and filth. he chose her over his own children so that says it all to me . now weve learned the truth about him and the memory i have of him getting arrested my last imaged of him.i dont want to know!i spent many years wondering if he ever thought about us or would he come looking for us. but he didnt because he a selfish bastard . has you know i been very angry over last few yrs as my demons have come to the surface. ive dealt with them with at least 75 hours of councilling. when i found nan and she had his number i txt him telling it about time he met me in person he owed me for all the shit you and i been through and di and mick. but also learning he made our step sisters life miserble has well. anyway i arrange to meet him in a park . but because he left late and i didnt go . then he had the cheek to moan at our nan that i didnt turn up. well ive been waiting over 30yrs to meet him face to face. so the week i went to where he is living i knocked the door but no answer. i have come to relaise its not mean to be . if his had answer that door i would put him in hospital. but where would i be in the police station. anyway now i know that his a peadophile who went to prision for 3 yrs. like i said ive never had a dad or a mum really .so i wont miss them but ive got 4sistersand a brother who are important to me.

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