Chris Tuck Catch Up 16.09.12

Well I have just got back from Dax Moy’s KCA Level 2 course. I first did this course 2010 4 weeks after having major hip surgery…..I remember I was on crutches and could not take part in any of the practical work. I remember Dax saying that we needed to get out and practise what we had been taught otherwise we would forget.

Unfortunately I have not been mobile enough until recently to practise much of what I have learnt! Over the last 18months I have lost my confidence and my nerve to practise the KCA material hence me going back this weekend to refresh myself!

It was fab the first time round; fantastic the second! I really do feel inspired to give my clients the best results that I can. I know that my holistic approach to health and fitness is the only way for me.

On the way up on the train I have written 4 blog posts which I need to get typed up and I also now know how I am going to structure my On-Line Fat Busters Transformation programme.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed this week because again I have taken too much on in the short term but I know all the pies that I have my fingers in will all come together nicely.


I have just signed up to do Rachel Holmes KSFL Franchise

I have my On-Line Fat Busters Transformation programme to put together

I have Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ to continue with and get published

I have my PT Business to build

I have Fat Busters Transformation Club and my classes to build

I have Project Phoenix 8 Week Transformation Programme to work on with Tanya Caffrey


But they all have a common theme……they are all about transforming people’s lives for the better, for the long term. Improving thier mental and physical health; something which I am extremely passionate about :O)

So I know now what I have to do and I just need to knuckle down and get on with it.

I was quite confused on weds/thurs……overwhelmed on friday, exhausted on saturday and inspired on knowing my direction and goals today.

I now am signing off to get some R&R, to spend some time with the family before my working week begins at 5.30am in the morning :o)

Thank you for reading……there are more blog posts coming your way this week… keep your eyes pealed :O)




One Response to Chris Tuck Catch Up 16.09.12

  1. sushma raval says:

    Love your structured thought processed write ups. again i know what it feels like to get overwhelmed by taking on several projects. If i dont slow down, the universe makes me.

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