Chris Tuck Weds 12.9.12 – Cold & Flu Medication

I have been feeling a little under the weather for the last few days……sore throat snivels that kind of thing. I have upped by vitamin C, taken my magnesium and zinc but still feel achey hot and cold. Unfortunately rest is needed but my schedule is too busy! So I have taken some cold & flu capsules (dont usually like doing this)!

They have made me feel so good… hip is not hurting at the moment and my muscle flexibility has increased!! I know that it is the ingredients in the tablets that have done this. Being aware of this means I have to be sensible not to overdo it and also the nice relaxed non painful feeling that I have at the moment; I could get use to!!

I can see why people take painkillers for a long time if they get this kind of release however taking medication is really dangerous…..there are untold side effects that can come out and cause you more problems than when started!

Masking your symptoms by taking medication does not make you investigate the cause of your problems. By actually tackling the cause your symptoms will disappear.

Have any of you ever become addicted to medication? what for? and how did your deal with it?

Have a fab day,

Chris x

2 Responses to Chris Tuck Weds 12.9.12 – Cold & Flu Medication

  1. sushma raval says:

    Hi chris following an accident at work i ended up with 5 slipped discs on my back. I am living in pain all the time and constantly using natural remedies and foods to combat the pain. Like yourself i take the pain killers only when i really have to. I am coping well with a blend of various spices andt they are doing the trick and helping ward off infections. Let me know if you want to know any more about these spices . I also have a desire to get fit, toned and lose weight and maybe you can help?

    • ctsfitness says:

      Sushma thank you for taking the time to read all my blogs :o) and commenting! I can definitely help you with your desire to get fit, toned and lose weight. this is what I am here for :o) 07932-594712

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