Chris Tuck – Today 11.9.12

I am not feeling gr8 today have sore throat and sniffles again not letting it get to me just aware that I am not firing on all cylinders :o)

I have worked solidly (around the family) over the last 4 days to write articles for my personaltrainerwestwickham website blog and this blog. I am now feeling tired but happy that I am ahead of my schedule.

This morning I had my BNI meeting at 6.30am. I meet for a 1:1 with one of the chapter members and I am now going to be Personal Training him to get fit and healthy :O) I love doing this.

I have been food shopping today, walked the dog, been for a cycle ride, done 2 school runs, prepared dinner.

I have just eaten a lovely dinner of chicken casserole with the kids whilst I type this and am going out to work at 7pm to teach LBT and then on to a massage.

I am also mulling over a business opportunity with Rachel Holmes….it makes sense to do it because of who Rachel is but will it conflict with my Fat Busters Program??

So another busy day in Chris Tuck’s life :O)

Tomorrow I have my 2nd Hypnotherapy session which I am strangely looking forward to :O)



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