Post 16 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ What lessons did I learn and looking at taking too much on at any one time.

Over the last few year’s, rightly or wrongly….when I hear and read about men and what they achieve compared to women it frustrates and even angers me!

The phrases “If you really want something or you have to do is get on and do it! Don’t procrastinate!” “Stop making excuses; make time!”

Well I have other things and people in my life to consider. When I say I don’t have the time it is not an excuse… is the truth.

I do not have the luxury of spending 100% or even 80% on my business like (most of) my male counterparts or female counterparts that do not have the responsibilities that I do.

My time and energy has to be split in many ways:

  • I have children that need feeding and want me to spend time with them
  • I have a house that needs cleaning (abit chaotic at the moment!)
  • I have a dog that needs walking and caring for
  • I have a business that needs building
  • I have a husband who feels neglected…..I call him my 3rd child!
  • I have siblings that see me as their “mum”
  • I have ‘me’ that needs looking after physically and mentally

Many of the really successful men/women in any industry are either on their own or have a partner behind them who is 100% there for them and supportive. The successful person is allowed and encouraged to get on with what they do. They are who they are because they have someone in the background looking after the home, looking after the children & pets.

I am not making excuses, the above is fact.

I have come to realise that I am not superwoman… just means that my dreams and aspirations will take alot longer to achieve than I would ideally like. This is a massive realisation for me and one I am still coming to terms with. I want to me doing everything else that everyone else is doing at the rate that they are turning things around but I just am not in a position to :O)

At FEB 2011 & 2012 I made lots of plans on projects that I wanted to complete and I started to feel a failure and became very stressed, especially when I was not able to start or complete things in expected time frames.

At the moment this is mainly due to the emotional turmoil  that I am going through compiling ‘My Story’  and just doing too much.  I took on mentors to help organise and inspire me but I felt like I was being judged on what I could produce and get out the door. Feelings of failure rose again.

I have had to back off…..take stock and work out what is truly important in my life to me as an individual. My focus now is just to push forward little by little…tiny steps….just making progress a little at a time in all areas of my life. I will get there, it will and does take me longer than some people but I have the tenacity to win :O)

Even now I cannot make head nor tail of some of the things I am expressing as I am writing but I know that I am becoming unburdened as a result of sharing so thank you for being my sounding board.

One Response to Post 16 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ What lessons did I learn and looking at taking too much on at any one time.

  1. sushma raval says:

    You are right about supportive partners. In stressful times it helps to have a strong loving sharing and caring partner to share your burdens. I admire your honesty.

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