Post 12 Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ – Hypnotherapy first session

Well what can I say…let me start at the beginning…..

I joined my local BNI group 8 weeks ago because I believe that I am going to grow my business by word of mouth and raising my profile in my local area.

I have meet some wonderful people at BNI and I have started to work with many of them. My chapter is mainly men and I did feel like I had made a mistake by joining this particular chapter. Many trades people join BNI and get alot of business from it. Health and alternative therapies are seen as luxuries and trying to get business from the other BNI members is hard work until you know how to do it.

I started having 1:1 chats with as many people as I could over the last few weeks and by talking about my real clients and the results that I have achieved I am now getting somewhere. The members are starting to trust me and understand the unique service that I offer.

A big part of BNI is to network at other chapters and get yourself known…..I have done this and this is where I met Tanya the Hypnotherapist.  At first I saw Tanya as competition but once I got over my preconceived ideas and actually talked to her I found that we could help each other grow our businesses by pooling our expertise and giving our clients a very unique and fantastic service.

We had a long chat and I ended up interviewing Tanya for my client WWHF newsletter which went out yesterday.

At the same time I agreed to Personal train Tanya and she agreed to give me Hypnotherapy treatment to deal with my past issues. All the turmoil and emotions that are surfacing from writing ‘My Story’.

Well today I had my first session…..I was quiet anxious about what was expected from me and wondered what it entailed.

Tanya has already taken a detailed history from me about my past to my present. I sat in a comfy reclining chair and I covered myself with a blanket. I heard Tanya talk to me in a calming voice and she talked me into a relaxed state.

Tanya said she wanted to work on some specific areas but how the session panned out would be up to what came out of me during the session.

Tanya talked about taking myself to a nice safe place, a place where I felt happy and secure…..unfortunately my mind was blank, she asked me to visualise a colour……my mind was black but when i really focused flashes of light blue and green came into my mind as sharp and clear as day but then would disappear and be replaced by black.

I was aware of where I was throughout. I was aware of Tanya talking to me but most of the things she was trying to get me to tune into was not happening. I was not feeling or thinking anything.

Tanya wanted to work on bonds with me and love that I felt for my children. She asked me to try and describe to her my daughter because I could not bring my daughters face into my mind. Then a picture of my daughter flashed up as a 18month old baby when she was cute and angelic, happy and laughing; this was followed by a picture of my son when he was about a year old sitting on my shoulders and screaming with laughter.

I then became very emotional as pictures of my mum came into my head holding my sister and brother at the age of 2 and 4. A Lovely picture except this was when my mum had left us……we were on a rare visit to her and she was holding onto my siblings tightly and smiling into the camera. They were holding a stick of rock and some opal fruits each. This is a happy but sad photo…..I remember the sadness which I felt when we had to leave mum and go back home to my dad and Vi.

Other photos came flashing in and out of my head of when I was young about 2 or 3 with my brother Dave. We are in our back garden in Chislehurst. I am holding a hose pipe with one of my fingers in the hole of the hosepipe and Dave is just looking at the camera smiling we appeared really happy but were we??

Tanya asked me what I was feeling and I said abandoned, unloved and angry.

Now reflecting back on it I can only think that I was comparing me and my siblings with my kids at the same age. My kids had a loving and happy childhood and my was different.

There was another painful traumatic experience that my mind flashed up but I am not going to talk about this today…..I am still processing it.

Tanya was asking me questions throughout and I cannot even remember all of them but my mind was jumping all over the place.

Tanya  said afterwards that there was alot of blocking going on especially when something was painful or emotional but it is clear that I need to do some work on my inner child. I dont really know what this means yet but I will share with you over the forthcoming weeks.

During the hypnosis I was aware of what I was doing and saying. I was able to answer Tanya’s questions where I could but sometimes I felt my jaw tighten and I was not able to physically speak.

When Tanya bought me back from the relaxed state I was emotional and my head felt weird.  I had abit of a headache and fuzzy headed. On the drive home my eyes were sore but I felt my head clearing; my limbs felt lighter. Later on in the day I starting to feel like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and today I feel more peaceful.

So there you have it my first hypnotherapy session……I really cannot wait for my next week.

Healthy regards




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  2. sushma raval says:

    Chris well done for taking that step. You are so brave and strong.x

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