Post 5 Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ – Forgetfulness

Oh dear I have had so much going on this last 6 months that I have forgotten something again!! Looking back as I am remembering and dealing with difficult emotions from the past I am becoming more and more forgetful with everyday things.

I received an email yesterday:

Hi Chris,
I hope you are well and enjoying yet another bit of summer.  Chris we were expecting you today at our Holiday at Home – I know that Helen  was in touch with you when I was away.  I sincerely hope that it was just a question of overlooking it and not that you are unwell or anything like that.  If you are able, or not, to come along tomorrow at 10.30 could you please let me know as soon as possible please.  If you cannot make it then I will have to arrange something different, many thanks Chris,
Kind regards,
To be truthful I had completely forgotten!! I am going there today to teach some mobility and games to 70-100 Club. I have been doing this for 4 years now and I do enjoy it. I cannot believe that I forgot.
Like I have been forgetting names of everyday objects……I could be looking at a table and forget what it is called. I come into contact with loads of people on a day to day basis…..and in the main remember their names. Sometimes I look at close friends and go to speak to them but their name just does not come to me…..its there on the tip of my tongue but it takes about 30secs for it to click into my brain!! this is ultimately embarrasing….I just laugh it off and say I am going senile!
In fact it is really worrying me. I now think that its because there is too much going on in my brain and it is just taking its time to recall some information.
I was meant to be putting my Fat Busters Bootcamp On Line by september…..I have paid for someone to do the technical work on it but I have not been able to function enough to get it together. In fact this job completely overwhelmed me in light of ‘writing’ ‘My Story’ and what this has thrown up.
I did beat myself up about it for a few weeks saying to myself that I should be able to do this, get your act together etc etc.
Again especially with many Fit-Pro’s going on about being more productive and get your stuff on-line……this made me feel like I was failing.
The message was you need to make time to get things done……well I was and am already working flat out. Like many women with a family…..the kids are my priority, the running of the household is my priority, walking the dog is my priority, not my husbands. This does not leave alot of time for building my business, looking after my clients, studying, getting back into shape and improving my own fitness levels and putting together ‘My Story’.
But at a price I have managed to do this…..but something has to give and in my case at the moment it has been my relationship with my hubby. I am now working on this.
But I now realise that I am trying to do too much at once, I should not listen to other people so much and I need to work at my own pace which is more suitable for me building  and improving my relationships at home, building my business and trying to sort out me as a person.
My Online Bootcamp will happen but not yet.
My Fitness Accounting Made Simple product will help many fit-pro’s in the future but not yet
My Story will help and inspire many people but not yet
I want it all and I will have it all. I just need to slow down, think and work at everything at my own pace.
Life’s  a journey not a sprint and it needs to be enjoyed with all the ups and downs along the way.

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