Post 6 Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ – Holiday Stress

Well today has been a very hectic day packing up for a 10day break in Turkey……there is so much I want to write but there is just not enough time…..I will have to save it all til I get back.

Its burning hot here in West Wickham as I sit here and write this.

My notebook is full of my thoughts, feelings and musings that I want to share and I will but my next post after this will be in september :O(

As ever I have ironed and packed mine and the childrens clothes, sorted out the dog and the budgies and my Phil is still doing his ironing lol…I should be used to this after 27 years!!

It usually stresses me out and we end up arguing but not this year……I told him what I was doing and am letting him just get on with what he needs to do….the house is in a complete mess but again once we leave in the morning it will look ok.

In the past this has been one of my many frustrations with my hubby but I now know how to deal with this particular frustration in a more effective manor.

At 3.10pm I just dropped my son’s laptop off to the shop and nearly ran over a dog in Hayes on the way there….right outside a pub full of people!  I stopped the car, got out and managed to pick the dog up.  He had no collar on…..I put him in the car wondering what the hell I was going to do with him seeing that I am flying early in the morning.

A Lady from the pub came over to me and offered to look after the dog until I came back…..I went back an hour later but the family and the dog were nowhere to be seen so hopefully the owner turned up for him!

Anyway back to today’s post.

Life is forever evolving, what might not have been an issue yesterday may have become one today. I don’t have all the answers and I get things wrong but I always strive to try and find an answer in order to make things better for everyone.

Ultimately everyone just wants to be happy. I want a happy marriage, happy children, a successful career, no money worries and HEALTH.

I want to share ‘My Story’ to inspire others to be BRAVE enough to make the changes necessary in their lives to make them HAPPY.

I have been compiling ‘My Story’ since Feb 2012 and its been emotional, having to face issues that I thought that I had dealt with , but all I have done is preserve the memories. Recently I went on ‘A Date with Dax Moy’ and he put alot of the turmoil that is going on in my head into perspective…..he said we need to take the memories out, play them over and over so that the ‘CD’ gets scratched then they will not be so raw in more and the memory starts to not impact you in the same way.

Whilst I have been compiling ‘ My Story’ for Karen I have had episodes of comfort eating. I feel extremely guilty about this because I know it does not serve purpose and I advise other people – my clients – not to do this.  I feel hypocritical but at the same time I am seeking help to get to the root cause of mine and in doing so I can help other people especially my Fat Busters & PT Clients.

My PT business is unique because of my past experiences and the way that I have handled things that have happened I feel that I am in a place where I can help other people turn their life around.

‘My Story’ will help other people realise that there are many people out there that can help them they just have to be BRAVE and ask for the help that they need.  The problem usually is what help do I need first!!

I have had counselling in the past but I have never had treatment such as CBT or Hypnotherapy. I have never been one for medication I want to be in control of what is going on in my body. I realise that for some people they need medication……but I am against it personally and even more so when Cori Withell the Nut Cracker bought to my attention the series of videos called:

The Marketing Of Madness 1/18 2/18 3/18 4/18 5/18 6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 13/18 14/18 15/18 16/18 17/18 18/18

If you have spare time please watch these short 10minute videos below…….they are very compelling…..thought provoking.

This series looks at Psychiatry and medication…..this is one of the main reasons why I left the Priory two months a go after 5 years being a Fitness Therapist.

I firmly believe that people can get well changing their lifestyle (nutrition and exercise) and getting therapeutic treatment such as CBT or hypnotherapy.

The Fat Busters programme and my 1:1 Coaching is based all around this!Watch and tell me what you think!! :O)

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