Post 3 ‘My Feelings’ today

I am feeling pretty exhausted today with my own emotional turmoil only to be expected really.

However my clients are doing fantastically well….all of them growing in their own way. Either getting fitter, eating more nutritional food, dropping weight and inches or just changing their mindsets.

Facebook PM received from Emma Clark today:

“Thanks so much for all your help in getting me back in shape I really appreciate it. I will keep going and be happy again!

Thank you card received from Cheryl Bristow today:

“Thank you very much for all your help & advice. You have really helped me and made me feel so much better & more confident. I cant thank you enough, with love Cheryl.”

All their achievements make me smile and and grow. Their achievements make me feel good, their disappointments I feel for them and wonder what I can do differently to help. I am always racking my brain for a solution, researching on the internet, asking other fit-pros’  or reading books.

BUT I do feel exhausted at the moment, getting ready to go on holiday and tying up all the work that needs to be done before I go is alot of exta pressure……will be worth it in the end though.

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