Post 2 ‘My Story’ Blog

Karen sent me a draft today of ‘My Story’ which I have gone through over the last few hours to make amendments to it.

I cannot thank Karen enough to work through my emotions to bring this book to life. It is still a WIP and needs alot more work but the essence is there.

I have been seeing a life coach over the last 3 weeks and already some of the work that I have done to ‘change’ myself is working. When I have read ‘My Story’ today is has been less emotional for me so onwards and upwards :O)

I am writing a seperate blog at the moment about my sessions with the Life Coach… I was writing this yesterday I have really opened up with my feelings and my thoughts and I feel really vulnerable publishing this at this time.

I need  a few more days I think to reconcile my feelings about what I am about to share.

All I know is that I want to be authentic and true to myself so I should just go ahead and publish it but then on the over hand I feel scared at the consequences of sharing.

What are people going to think? should I be sharing such intimate thoughts with all and sundry? should I be hanging out my dirty laundry in public?

Well I know I have moved on a small step today and to me that is priceless.

I fill an inner peace coming over me as I am blogging and as ‘My Story’ is being written.

I am blogging amongst dirty dishes from dinner, clothes and things everywhere getting ready for holiday, 1 hour before I have to get out to work and teach Pilates and LBT.

This is really important to me…..getting ‘My Story’ out there to inspire other people :O)

Bye for now :O)

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