Article 1 – Parental Responsibilities – by Chris Tuck from “Breaking the Cycle” With The Survival School; Health For Your Mind & Body


by “Breaking The Cycle” – With The Survival School; Health For Your Mind & Body.

You have met the man or woman of your dreams….

You become a loving couple….

You decide to set up home together….

You get married.

You decide to start a family together….

You fall pregnant….

You give birth.

You now have this 7lb bundle of joy/terror to look after for at least the next 16 years of it’s life.

Oh My…..what are you going to do? How are you going to do it? Is there an instruction manual? Can you send it back if it does not work out?

The answer is NO there are no instructions and NO you cannot send them back!

So what do you do?

According to Chris Theisen the Creator of The Parent Coach Plan there are 8 essential responsibilities that parents must adhere to in order to foster their child’s physical and/or emotional well-being.

1. Provide them with a safe environment:-

Free from unsafe objects and dangers within the home, free from abuse, know their caregivers

2. Provide them with basic needs:-

Water, nutritious food, shelter, warmth, medical care, appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, space for being alon

3. Build up their self esteem:-

Accept, encourage, notice and acknowledge your child’s achievements, set realistic expectations appropriate for your child’s age, use your child’s misbehaviour as a time to teach, not to criticize or ridicule.

4. Teach them morals and values:-

Honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, patience, forgiveness, generosity

5. Develop mutual respect:-

Respect their feelings, opinions, privacy and individuality

6. Provide discipline:-

That is structured, consistent, predictable and fair

7. Involve yourself in your child’s education:-

Habe regular contact with their teacher’s, make sure they do their homework, help if needed, take an active interest in their school day, recognise any of their achievements.

8. Get to know your child:-

Spend quality time with your child, ask questions and communicate.

Failure of the parent to meet these specific needs can have wide-ranging and long lasting negative effects.

This statement is so true. I will discuss each one in turn in a series of articles that I am putting together. I will be discussing each point in detail and expanding it with my own experiences.

My purpose in doing so is to bring awareness of what is happening behind  some ‘closed doors’ and to show the devastating effect of not providing your child with the basics. I will share with you the effect of not doing so decades down the line.

Be True to Yourself

Chris Tuck

“Breaking The Cycle” – With the Survival School; Health for Your Mind & Body


Chris Theisen the Creator of The Parent Coach Plan@

Chris Tuck – “Through The Eyes Of A Child” available soon. Register your interest for a copy of the book @

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