“Breaking The Cycle” With The Survival School Facebook Group

Invariably people that are in or have been in an abusive situation – physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse suffer from low self esteem or self worth.

Constantly being put down in a negative way verbally and/or physically makes you start to think, feel and live the names that you have been labelled with.

You may even think that Jo public look at you the same way in which your abuser has labelled you? stupid, fat, ugly, fit for nothing, unloveable further damaging any self esteem or self worth that you may of had.

You may even feel to this day that you cannot speak out because of the repercussions of doing so?

Well we just want to re-iterate that you can speak out…..you can talk to us and the other people in our “Breaking The Cycle”  group to discuss anything that you need to. We will help advise and support you to the best of our abilities and we will not divulge your information to anyone at all…..this is our promise to you.

The first step for you to gain control over your life is to be able to speak out when you are ready in a safe caring and trusting environment.

If you know anyone that could benefit from being in this group please get them to pm me :O) or email me @ ctsfitness@hotmail.co.uk

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