Post 24 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ – The CHANGE Process

How many music bands or actors do you know, that seem to rise to stardom overnight? They don’t they have worked for some time behind the scenes before they become famous.

Change does not happen overnight.  (It might appear that it does but it is a process).

  •  First you need to have enough discomfort to want to seek change.
  • You need to evaluate your problem.
  • You need to research your problem.
  • You need to see what others in the same or similar situation to you have done or are doing.
  • You need to have a deep rooted why to make the change, because it will help you succeed, it will help you through those dark times, tough times.
  • You need to to have an open mind.
  • You need to be able to deal with rejection or things not going to plan.
  • You need to constantly evaluate and adapt but keep the long term goal in your sights.
  • You need to take small positive steps in the right direction to build up your confidence maybe before you even take the jump.
  • Ultimately you need to take the step, take action to see your plan through, but as I said this does not happen overnight it needs all the above steps to happen.

I am always seeking solutions to problem I am faced with. This is easy for me now!  I have had so much practise now; I never give up.

I might retreat and rest for a time to get a second wind if the previous thing didn’t work but I always come back with a different approach, a different plan of action.  This is easier if you are really passionate about your cause/your programme, and the big ‘why’ for making the change.

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