Post 22 Chris Tuck – ‘My Story’ Update 18.10.12

I got up at 5.30am and toddled off to another BNI meeting…..this is where you tell a group of people what you do for a living and once you build a relationship with them they refer business to you.

Well this morning I could not do that because I do the same job as two other people already in this chapter so I bit the bullet and stood up and said the following:

I am nearly completing my autobiography.

It is about my struggle through my childhood and teenage years dealing with physical, mental and sexual abuse.

How I am overcoming this and making a success of both my business and personal life. Being a member of BNI is part of this process.

I want to give something back to raise awareness of being a child without a voice and still suffering through adulthood. I have decided to give a donation from each book sale to charities supporting this cause.

With this in mind I would like an introduction to Esther Rantzen of ChildLine to take this forward.

The room went quiet, I sat down and I thought what had I done?? :O(

I checked my phone to check the time because I had to get back to take my daughter to school…..and I saw a PM from my brother Mick.

I had just sent Mick a copy of the story so far and what he wrote back to me was very emotional and traumatic…..I was in tears and quickly turned the phone off to concentrate on what was happening around me.

I am finding it harder and harder to deal with everyday stuff at the moment but am sure it will all come together in the end!

One Response to Post 22 Chris Tuck – ‘My Story’ Update 18.10.12

  1. Alison Winyard says:

    Chris take time to think how far you have come, how much you have written..You are coming to the end of your writing, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, you will soon have it all down on paper, so then you will be able to relax, and breathe again. You are doing such a great job, but don’t lose sight of your own well being.
    I am helping in mind and spirit. xx

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