Post 21 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ – Dealing with business & personal issues

Good evening all,

I am just writing a quick blog today just to keep you all in the loop! I have just returned from camber Sands where I have been attending a fitness weekender.

There are classes on every hour…….spin, dance, pilates, toning, boxing etc etc. When I went to my first one Sally & I did a class every hour and could not walk for a good few days afterwards!

This weekend I only attempted 5 sessions, 2 of these were stretch, 1 was pilates, 1 circuits & 1 abs! It was more important to me to rest and catch up with my sleep which I did successfully!!

I also attempted to write some more of my story – which I managed a little.

At the moment I am trying to build my business and I cannot seem to do this and write my story without getting emotional. The emotions and feelings that I am facing are de-stabalising me and I am finding that I am questioning some of the decisions that I have made business wise and I am feeling overwhelmed and not good enough for what I am about to embark on :o(

I am sincerely hoping that this is temporary!! When I spend time writing the book I feel drained and unsettled for a little while.

I have spoken to Karen Laing who is helping me put ‘My Story’ together and we have decided that we are going to spend another 6 weeks on the book getting it to where we want it to be and then we are going to launch it :O)

So the end is in sight.

The feedback I have had so far is below:

“Just read my sister’s book that she going to publish…. its about our lives as youngster growing up from her point of view… it made me cry . Painful memories of 4 adults who let us down and brought hurt and torment in our lives. I take my hat off to her for what she doing”.

“I’ve just read what you sent me you some missing stuff that I remember and can add . This has made me cry tonight and my little Alex is saying don’t cry dad and rubbing my face. This makes me more determined to be a better person and father/husband and brother to my love ones.xxxxxx Dave Hallett

” I stayed up to 2am this morning reading your book. I was gripped it was really sad! But also inspiring. It has made me question how I talk to my children, it has made me think about my own upbringing and how my actions now have been affected by my parents.” Frances Malekos

“My overall feelings are I feel very moved by what I have read, even though you have told me quite a lot of things already. I also felt a great anger for all of you given the relentlessness of it all” Tanya Caffrey

So far I have managed to make people cry and be upset…..this is not what I wanted. I want to make people feel inspired to make a change, I want people to speak out, I want people to get help like I have if they need it! So this is what I need to work on!!


So some days I need to keep sane and just focus purely on business so I don’t end up procrastinating and making bad decisions, some days I just need to rest to recover from the turmoil of my feelings being unleashed from writing ‘My Story’ and my hypnotherapy. I need to just balance my life so that I can get through the next few weeks in one piece.

I am not going to lie it is getting harder and harder. I am investing alot of time and money and ME in getting this story out to you. I feel it is important for me, for my family and for those who are struggling on a day to day basis.

Please bear with me for the next 6 weeks and feel free to comment on my blogs :O)

Chris xx






One Response to Post 21 – Chris Tuck ‘My Story’ – Dealing with business & personal issues

  1. Alison Winyard says:

    Chris you are doing a great job, by writing this in the first place. Of course it is going to hurt, you are bringing up emotions that have been buried for so long. You must rest and take time out from all of this. I am glad to see you are doing this, which will then make it a longer process, but it is better to take time and be happier with yourself than over load yourself and be an emtional wreck after wards. You must realise that lots of people are going to cry and be upset after reading your book, as the majority of us have never been through any thing like you and your siblings have. On the other hand there will be plenty of people who read it, that will have been through similar situations. Its these people that will benefit far more, because they will now realise they are not alone. I take my hat off to you for your complete dedication. xx

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