On Behalf of “Breaking The Cycle” – With The Survival School; Health For Your Mind & Body by Diane Ginn

April 8, 2013

If you are child and your abused and controlled.
Its more often the parents or care givers that are the culprits.
You live in fear and shame.
You learn to keep quiet and keep secrets.
You learn pain hunger fear rejection and that you are alone.
Well no that is what the abuser has given you.
Thats how they get you where they want you.
You are taught to be quiet not to complain be insignificant, an idiot,
A nobody, a doormat, a weak willed, stupid, an imbecile.

Are you?

Don’t you know what they say and do is wrong..?

Yes u do and they know it too otherwise they wouldn’t constantly tell you that you are this and that.
Constantly reminding you because they know you are not these things.
If that were the case there would be no need.
Abusers know one day you will figure it out and they lose control.
Abusers know what they do is wrong that’s why it has to be a secret kept quiet.
Abusers know that you are more intelligent thats why they say you are stupid stop you thinking and questioning
Abusers know that their souls are tarnished and their minds twisted and evil.

You are beautiful warm and caring and if that was allowed to be nurtured and helped along as a child

It would threaten their hold and right to hurt you.
But most of all, it would show the world and society what they really are.
Then the abuser can no longer carry on or get other victims.
Their life ends as an abuser and they become the target of pain and hate.

So please remember that you are not any of these.
An abuser does these things in order so they can abuse and get away with it.
Keeping quiet facilitates and makes what they do ok.

If you know its happening report it
If you think its happening report it.
If its happening to you be you man woman or child.
Please. Find courage to ask for help.
Now, more than ever society, has to change.
We understand and there is help for the abused.
They deserve better.
I deserve better.
Society deserves better.

YOU deserve better.